Gather Fire Salts is one of the quest tasks in the tutorial of ESO Morrowind

"Gather Fire Salts" is a quest objective in the quest Broken Bonds in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.


Naryu's a Morag Tong assassin with a contract to kill the slaver leader. Captaln Svadstar.She wants me to gather fire salts and kindlepitch to set fire and destroy the ship while she makes her kill.





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  • Naryu: I couldn't have done much better myself, hero. Good work down there! There's one more thing to do, if you're up to it. Time is short, but I have something to tell you. You've earned that much at least.
  • Player: What do you want to tell me?
  • Naryu: I'm an assassin, a Morag Tong agent here to complete a job. The writ carry gives me the legal authority to end my target's life, no questions asked. I'm here to kill Captain Svadstar, leader of this band of slavers. He's as bad as they come.
  • Player: Why are you telling me this?
  • Naryu: Because I need your help. I can kill the captain and ten of his thugs without breaking a sweat. But the slavers' ship? It's faster and strongerthan anything the locals can throw at it. If we don't scuttle the ship,they'll be right back to business.
  • Player: Why should I help an assassin?
  • Player: Not big on gratitude, I see. Look, I signaled Seyda Neen, but they won't get here in time to stop the slavers.With your help,we can end the slavers, save their prisoners, and sink their ship. Otherwise, the prisoners are as good as dead.
  • Player: So what do you need me to do?
  • Naryu: Gather some fire salts and kindlepitch from the docks.With them,you can make a fire bomb. Not only will setting their ship on fire destroy it, it will flush Svadstar from his hiding hole so I can end him. We'll meet after you gather the supplies.
  • Player: I'll get the fire salts and kindlepitch and meet you at the docks.




Map showing the locations of Firesalts in the Firemoth Island Docks

Broken Bonds Quest[edit]

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