Harvest Emperor Parasol Lichen is one of the quest tasks in the sidequest "Nothing to Sneeze At" in ESO Morrowind

"Harvest Emperor Parasol Lichen" is a quest objective in the quest Nothing to Sneeze At in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.


Tilenra plans to exact her revenge on Menaldinion by using a mysterious potion. She asked me to gather up a vital ingredient— a lichen that grow at the base of the emperor parazol mushrooms.




Quest Items[edit]


Harvest Parasol Lichen at the location marked on the map

This is what the Parasol Lichen plant looks like:



  • Tilenra: Let me guess. Menaldinion was an insufferable ass and refused to apologize.
  • Player: Pretty much. He told me to return this book to you too.
  • Tilenra: Did he now? Ha! Well he'll certainly regret that. I've cooked up a wonderful plan to teach him the value of alchemy, but I'll need your help. What do you say? Up for a bit of poetic justice?
  • Player: Maybe. What do you plan to do to him?
  • Tilenra: Oh come on now, I'm not going to poison him. I'm going to brew a potion that requires precise timing and freshly harvested lichen, the one that grows at the base of the emperor parasols. If you gather the lichen, I can focus on the instruments.
  • Player: All right. I'll go gather the fresh lichen.


Map showing where to harvest Emperor Parasol Lichen

Nothing to Sneeze At Quest[edit]

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]


  • "Meet me near Menaldinion's house and we'll put my plan into action." -Tilenra

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