Investigate Balmora is one of the quest tasks in the quest "Divine Inquiries" in ESO Morrowind

"Investigate Balmora" is a quest objective in the quest Divine Inquiries in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.


Archcanon Tarvus asked me to investigate three sites to search for clues concerning the source of whatever is draining Vivec's divine energy.

These sites include:





Quest Items[edit]



Divine Inquiries Quest[edit]

Objective Hints[edit]

  • I should check around town and see what I can find out about this supposed cult. Tarvus suggested I inquire at the inn, talk to mine workers, and look into a House Redoran Proclamation.
    • Gather information (0/3)
      • Read House Redoran Proclamation
      • Talk to the Barmaid
      • I need to see if I can find the mine's Crew Chief so I can talk to him. If anyone can tell me what's going on in the Shulk Ore Mine, it's him.
  • The Crew Chief reports that some strange enemies have taken over the Shulk Ore Mine and are performing some sort of ritual I should investigate and see if it's related to Vivec's problems.
  • Now that I'm inside the mine, I should collect ritual items to bring back to Archeanon Tarvus so he can determine the nature of the ritual. I should also try to find out more about the Ashlander thief who interrupted the cultists.
    • Retrieve Ritual Items
    • Learn about Ashlander Thief.
  • I discovered what I could about the cultists, the ritual, and the Ashlander thief. I should check in with the mine's Crew Chief before I leave the area.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • There is a bug where picking up the ritual items bag does not update your quest. To resolve, the only way is to abandon quest and get quest again.


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