Investigate Barilzar's Tower is one of the quest tasks in the quest "Divine Inquiries" in ESO Morrowind

"Investigate Barilzar's Tower" is a quest objective in the quest Divine Inquiries in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.


Archcanon Tarvus asked me to investigate three sites to search for clues concerning the source of whatever is draining Vivec's divine energy.

These sites include:





Quest Items[edit]



Barilzar's Tower Puzzle Solution[edit]

The order you should activate the crystals is the order in which colors appear in the rainbow, from top to bottom:

Red - Yellow - Green - Blue - Violet

Resetting the Experiment[edit]

  • If you get even just one crystal wrong, you have to use this machine to reset the experiment and start over:


Divine Inquiries Quest[edit]

Objective Hints[edit]

  • Nothing unusual outside the tower. I should look inside.
  • I should find the mage Barilzar and ask him about his experiments.
  • Barilzar won't answer my questions unless I help him complete his experiment. He needs me to activate crystals—in the proper order—while he modulates the energy flowing through his device.
  • Whatever I did with those crystals, it seems to have worked. Maybe Barilzar will answer my questions now.

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