Caravaner Medyn Hleran from ESO Morrowind

Medyn Hleran is an Dunmer (Dark Elf) NPC in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.

He is a caravaner that helps you get rides to other areas on board his silt strider.



  • Medyn Hleran: All them fancy families in Vvardenfell are always talking to the dead. I tell you, it's all smoke and mirrors! Just trying to put on airs to make themselves look better than the rest of us. Well, enough of that. Where can I take you to?
  • Player: Where can your silt strider take me?
  • Medyn Hleran: We travel to Gnisis and Suran .And we know the paths that avoid the worst of the lava flows. Would you care for a ride?



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