Menaldinion from ESO Morrowind

Menaldinion is a Altmer (High Elf) NPC in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.

Can be found in Menaldinion's Clinic in Suran.

Involved in the quest, Nothing to Sneeze At.


Menaldinion is a mage who showed up in Suran and took business away from Tilenra Sildreth, the town's alchemist, by posting all sorts of slander about her.



Related Lore[edit]


  • Menaldinion: Yes? I suppose you've come for a consultation. What is it? Unsightly warts? Poor eyesight? Flat feet, perhaps?
  • Player: I'm here to talk about the town alchemist, Tilenra.
  • Menaldinion: You poor thing. Did one of her bizarre "herbal" cures cause worse pains than it cured? Honestly, I've given some thought to drafting a letter to the Arch-Mage of the Guild. These herbalists and hedge witches really need some proper training.
  • Player: So you don't practice any alchemy here?
  • Menaldinion: Of course not! Wait... are you another one of these bark-munching herbal apologists? Tilenra's teas are not remedies! I'm sure she makes a delicious marinade and some very fine scented lotions for the ladies, but I'd hardly call that medicine.
  • Player: Do you think there's any value in herbalism at all?
  • Menaldinion: None. Now see here—if she sent you to fish for an apology, she won't get it. I'll not apologize for the truth. Alchemy is a peasant's science. Sheer quackery! Now go, and take this silly book with you! I'm sick of it cluttering up my shelf.



Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • There are some nice items you can steal from Menaldinion's Clinic without being caught, especially on the 2nd floor.

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