Pour the Potion on the Plants is one of the quest tasks in the sidequest "Nothing to Sneeze At" in ESO Morrowind

"Pour the Potion on the Plants" is a quest objective in the quest Nothing to Sneeze At in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.


Apparently, Tilenra's Mysterious Potion is a potent cat lure. Given that Menaldinion is violently allergic to cats, things should got interesting. I need only pour the mixture over the High Elf's plants and observe the results.





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  • Tilenra: There you are! Any luck finding the lichen? We'll need to be quick if we want full potency.
  • Player: Yes, I've got the lichen right here.
  • Tilenra: Perfect! You may have noticed an odor. It's subtle. Barely noticeable, in fact. But once I add it to this wickwheat and kwama shell solvent—Ha! The perfect pheromone for the common house cat.
  • Player: Wait. Your revenge on Menaldinion is house cats?
  • Tilenra: Surprised? He may have squeezed a few secrets out of me, but he revealed some facts about himself along the way. For instance, he's violently allergic to cats. Sprinkle this potion over the plants near his door, and the results should be .. dramatic.
  • Player: All right. Here goes


Map showing the location of where to pour the potion.

Nothing to Sneeze At Quest[edit]

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  • Tilenra Sildreth says: Hope you packed a handkerchief, you smarmy bastard.
  • Menaldinion says:What's going on out here?
  • Menaldinion says: Snooping, ay? Why I have half a mind to ....Cats? Aghhh!

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