Red Exile Instructions

"Red Exile Instructions" is a Letter in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind

Can be found inside Shulk Ore Mine, west of Balmora.


Written orders commanding the Red Exiles to go to the deep chambers of the mine and acquire a staff of metal and gears used in the Nycotic cult's rituals.


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Red Exile Instructions

My Red Exiles,

need you to infiltrate the mine outside Balmora and recover an item of great importance to our venerated cause and to the elevation of Ashlanders everywhere. Currently, this item resides in the possession of the Nycotic cult, who plan to conduct a ritual in the mine to grant the item the ability to channel unfathomable power. Let the cultists begin the process, but acquire the item before they complete the ritual.

The item lies in one of the deep chambers of the mine , most likely heavily guarded. Sneak in and steal the item. It has the appearance of a staff made of metal and gears. It is necessary to advance to the next stage of our cherished cause.

Get the staff and bring it to me, and you will be one step closer to ending your exile and returning to the fold.

Where to find[edit]

At the Shulk Ore Mine.

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