Syndelius Ergalla from ESO Morrowind

Syndelius Ergalla is a Imperial NPC in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.

Can be found sitting behind a desk at the Census and Excise Office Census and Excise Office next to the Governor's Office.



  • Syndelius Ergalla: If you'll excuse me. I'm quite busy at the moment. Come back and see me later.
  • Player: What do you do here?
  • Syndelius Ergalla: Seyda Neen is the preeminent port into Vvardenfell. I process new arrivals so the Tribunal knows who might be gallivanting across fhis fair land. It's so much more prestigious than my efforts for the Gold Coast Trading Company.
  • Player: You used to work for the Gold Coast Trading Company?
  • Syndelius Ergalla: Once, long ago. in another life, I served as a clerk for the company right here in Vvardenfell Helped build many of the fine Imperial-style structures you see. I must have impressed House Hlaalu, for they offered me this distinguished position.
  • Player: So you like working for the Dark Elves?
  • Syndelius Ergalla: For the most part. But sometimes it takes great effort not to strangle one or more of these pointy-eared blusterers. For example, no one ever remembers their birth sign. Some even try to change their answers on repeat visits. As if I wouldn't notice!



Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • There are some lore pieces you can read in the room where Syndelius Ergalla is sitting.

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