Tilenra Sildreth from ESO Morrowind

Tilenra Sildreth is a Dunmer (Dark Elf) NPC in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.

Can be found in Suran.

Starts the quest, Nothing to Sneeze At.


Tilenra Sildreth used to be the main healer in Suran until Menaldinion showed up and started spreading lies and slander about her and stealing her business.




  • Tilenra Sildreth: There goes another client who's known me for years. Not a proper mage, they say! Rubbish. By Vehk, if I get my hands on that fetcher from Summerset, I'll wring his scrawny golden neck.
  • Player: What's going on?
  • Tilenra Sildreth: Just watching my business fall into ruin! People used to rely on me to heal their children and mend their injuries, but now it's all "Menaldinion this," and "Menaldinion that!" Damned Guild lackey. He's even pinning up signs to slander my work!
  • Player: Why would a Mages Guild wizard try to steal your business?
  • Tilenra Sildreth: The cretin's saying I'm not a mage, but I am! I just happen to love alchemy. He must think there's a lot of coin to be made here. The fool. If I get my hands on him I'll .. .. Sorry, Dark Elf temper. It's just that this business is my life.
  • Player: Maybe I could talk to him. Perhaps it's all a misunderstanding.
  • Tilenra Sildreth: Thank you for helping me, sera. Honestly, it means a lot. The rascal's name is Menaldinion . You'll find him sliming around that new shop of his—the gauche High Elf clinic just south of here.
  • Player: Can you tell me more about Menaldinion?
  • Tilenra Sildreth: I thought a fellow mage would have more respect. Oh, he started out all sweetness. Invited me to tea, asked about my business, even bought a copy of my latest book, "Teas and Tisanes for Aches and Pains." I can't believe I fell for his act.
  • Player: Do you think he'll apologize and take those bills down?
  • Tilenra Sildreth: I doubt it. But my mother taught me I should always give people a chance to make amends. It helps ease the conscience after we wreak our revenge. My mother was a very colorful woman.
  • Player: That's pretty qrim talk for a healer.
  • Tilenra Sildreth: What? Healers aren't permitted to deal out a bit of payback every now and then? I'm a Dark Elf. "Grim talk" is the official language of Morrowind, and vengeance is the national pastime. A shame though. He's really quite handsome for an Altmer.
  • Player: You said you were a Telvanni mage?
  • Tilenra Sildreth: I am. Quite highly ranked too. Surprised? Not every Telvanni mage hides away in a mushroom. Many of us enjoy the company of our neighbors—until they start abandoning us for some insufferable Mages Guild peacock.
  • Player: What drew you to studying alchemy?
  • Tilenra Sildreth: Alchemy teaches us the hidden potential of everyday things. Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. People step over miracles all the time. Mushrooms that can ease a cough, or grasses that can mend a wound. Alchemy finds power in the mundane.



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