Rebuilding the Smithy in The Elder Scrolls Blades

Rebuilding the Smithy is a Main Quest in TES Blades.


Quest Name Rebuilding the Smithy
Quest Type Main Quest
Prerequisites Rebuilding the Town Hall
Quest Start Town
Quest Giver Junius the Elder
Description I rescued the town's blacksmith, now I need to help him rebuild his forge.
Quest Difficulty Level Level 2
Suggested Player Level Level 1
Secret Areas 0
Concurrent Quest Lumber Run
Next Quests The Goblin Scourge
The Greencap Bandits






  • Talk to the Blacksmith
  • Rebuild the Smithy
  • Talk to Blacksmith again


  • Talk to Junius the Elder after Rebuilding the Town Hall.
  • Junius tells you to go see the blacksmith in town.
  • Locate Lond in Town.
  • Speak to Lond
  • He wants you to build the Smithy behind him
  • The Smithy requires 95 lumber which you probably don't have at this stage
  • Lond will give you another quest, Lumber Run that will help you gather Lumber for the smithy.
  • Once you have all the materials, return to the ruins and build the smithy.


Reward Quantity
Iron Ingot 12
Lumber 35
Limestone 25
XP 135