Rescuing the Townsfolk is one of the 1st quests you get after reaching Town in The Elder Scrolls Blades

Rescuing the Townsfolk is a Main Quest in TES Blades.

It is one of the first quests you get after arriving at the Town for the first time.


Quest Name Rescuing the Townsfolk
Quest Type Main Quest
Prerequisites None
Quest Start Town
Quest Giver Junius the Elder
Description I must rescue the villagers being held by the goblins in the abandoned Highwinter Castle.
Difficulty Level Level 1
Suggested Player Level Level 1
Secret Areas 1
Next Quest Rebuilding the Town Hall





  • Rescue he townsfolk


  • Enter town.
  • Talk to Junius the Elder
  • Open the Side Menu
  • Open the Quest Menu
  • Open the quest "Rescuing the Townsfolk"
  • Press "Start"
  • You will be teleported to Highwinter Castle
  • Go down the stairs and through the hallway.
  • You may have to fight a Skeever here.
  • Open a wooden door ahead and kill the Goblin Skirmisher that's guarding a cage.
  • Free the Townsfolk from the cage.
  • Go through another wooden door
  • Get the chest there. Make sure to grab all chests you encounter along the way.
  • Go down some stairs and fight another Goblin.
  • Keep going through a some hallways and fight any additional goblins you encounter.
  • Arrive at the throne room.
  • Pull lever to lift cell gates and fight the Skeevers inside.
  • Keep going through the castle corridors to arrive at the final room and kill the Goblin there.
  • Set free the last Townsfolk.
  • This completes the quest and you will be returned to Town.


Reward Quantity
Lumber 110
Gold 600
XP 50


Secret Areas[edit]

Rescuing the Townsfolk Secret Area:

  • There is one secret area
  • Locate a lever in front of two jail cells:


  • One of the jail cell doors will open.
  • Go through the gate all the way to the end where there is a lit candlestick lamp, and there is a secret lever to your right on the wall:


  • Interact with the lever and it will raise a portion of the wall where you can find the secret area!

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The wispy Clairvoyance thread will show you the way when you are lost.
    • This thread looks like a blue ray of light and will lead you to the quest objective.
  • After completing quest you can choose to go back to Town right away, or to keep exploring the castle (for example for more loot and enemies/XP).