The Elder Scrolls Blades Tips and Tricks

This page will have tips & tricks for TES Blades.

Please add your own if you know any good ones!

  • Greatswords, battle axes and war-hammers deal very high damage and can inflict some extremely brutal critical hits.
  • Only 1 chest can be unlocked at a time. Use gems to speed up this process or to open other chests in meantime.
  • Look in dungeons for hidden levers that will reveal secret areas
  • The 3 physical dmg types are:
    • Slashing, by daggers and swords
    • Cleaving, by axes do slashing damage
    • Bashing, by hammers and maces

See Elder_Scrolls_Blades:_Weakness_Chart for which enemy each is effective.

  • When you deal shock damage you also reduce the enemy's magicka. Effective against spell casters.