Creatures have weaknesses but can also resist or be immune to certain attacks in The Elder Scrolls Blades

The charts below show enemy weaknesses and resistances/immunities

When choosing what weapons or spells to equip consult the chart below and equip based on the "Weakness" column corresponding to the enemies you are fighting in that area.

Axes do cleaving damage, daggers and swords do slashing damage, hammers and maces do bashing damage.

Enemy Weakness Resistances Immunities
Skeevers Fire Shock, Poison None
Spiders Cleaving, Frost Slashing, Shock, Poison None
Spriggans Cleaving, Fire Bashing, Frost, Shock None
Wights Cleaving, Fire Bashing, Shock, Poison None
Skeletons Bashing, Shock Slashing, Fire Poison
Wolves Slashing, Shock Bashing, Fire, Frost None
Bandits Poison Shock, Frost None
Mercenaries Poison Cleaving, Fire, Frost None
Outcasts Cleaving, Shock Bashing, Fire, Poison None
Warmasters Cleaving, Poison Frost, Shock None
Thalmor Poison Slashing, Frost, Shock None
Bears Slashing, Shock Bashing, Frost, Poison None
Goblin Warriors Bashing Poison None
Goblin Casters Bashing, Frost Fire, Shock None
Wispmothers Fire Bashing, Slashing, Cleaving, Poison Frost
Necromancers Poison Fire, Frost None
Nether Liches Slashing, Fire Bashing, Cleaving, Frost, Shock, Poison None
Dremora Warlocks Slashing, Frost Cleaving, Fire, Shock None
Dremora Raiders Slashing, Frost Cleaving, Fire, Poison None
Trolls Bashing, Fire Slashing, Frost, Shock None
Dragons Slashing, Frost Cleaving, Fire, Poison None
Ancient Dragons Slashing, Shock Cleaving, Fire, Frost, Poison None
Physical Elemental
Creature Bashing Cleaving Slashing Fire Frost Shock Poison
Ancient Dragons Resist Weak Weak Resist
Bandits Resist Resist Weak
Bears Resist Weak Resist Weak Resist
Dragons Resist Weak Resist Weak Resist
Dremora Raiders Resist Weak Resist Weak Resist
Dremora Warlocks Resist Weak Resist Weak Resist
Goblin Casters Weak Resist Weak Resist
Goblin Warriors Weak Resist
Mercenaries Resist Resist Resist Weak
Necromancers Resist Resist Weak
Nether Liches Resist Resist Weak Weak Resist Resist Resist
Outcasts Resist Weak Resist Weak Resist
Skeevers Weak Resist Resist
Skeletons Weak Resist Resist Weak Immune
Spiders Weak Resist Weak Resist Resist
Spriggans Resist Weak Weak Resist Resist
Thalmor Agents Resist Resist Resist Weak
Trolls Weak Resist Weak Resist Resist
Warmasters Weak Resist Resist Weak
Wisps Resist Resist Resist Weak Immune Resist
Wights Resist Weak Weak Resist Resist
Wolves Resist Weak Resist Resist Weak

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Equipping the correct weapon can make a HUGE difference in how easy or hard your quest will be. For example if you equip a sword (slashing) in a quest involving skeletons (slashing resistance) you might take a long time to defeat them and die a lot in the process, and once you equip a mace or hammer (bashing) against the skeletons (weakness to bashing) you will do a lot more damage and die less.
  • Even if the weapon that the enemies are weak against has low DPS compared to the weapon which enemies resist, you still should equip the "worse" weapon since it will do more damage than the other weapon, if enemies are weak against it.
  • If weapon has an enchantment that the enemy is resistant to (for example a bashing weapon with fire enchant against skeletons) they will still resist it.