Docking in Elite: Dangerous

The following commands are used during Docking & Undocking:

Binding Name Keyboard & Mouse Gamepad
UI Panel Up W D-Pad Up
UI Panel Down A D-Pad Down
UI Panel Select Space A Button
Landing Gear L L

All pilots must be aware of and able to follow docking protocols which have been standardised across the known galaxy.

To dock, you will need to fulfil three criteria:

• You must not be under attack by the authorities

• You must be within 7.5KM of the starport or Outpost

• You must be granted docking permission

To request docking permission, get within seven and a half kilometres, then target the starport or outpost. When you have the starport or outpost targeted, use the Pilot’s Interface Focus Mode to navigate to the Contacts Tab in the Target Panel.

Use UI PANEL UP and UI PANEL DOWN to highlight the starport or outpost. Use UI PANEL SELECT to summon the interaction panel. Use the same commands to highlight and select the Request Docking option.

You should receive audio and comms confirmation of the request. Assuming that the dock has free berths, you will receive permission to dock momentarily.

Once permission has been granted you will be assigned a docking pad and given a time window within which you must complete the docking process. Your allotted pad and time window is displayed directly above the sensor disc in the Pilot’s Interface.

Because starports and outposts are massive structures, when you lock them into your targeting computer the nav-compass will become active, helping you to navigate to them

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