Eventually, like all things, the Ages of Exploration, Renaissance, and Reformation must draw to a close. The World has been carved up by the victors, and the transition from the Medieval to the Modern era is complete. As the world prepares for the Industrial Revolution, it is time to take stock. How did you do? Did you win or lose? The goals of this game are in fact quite flexible.

Did Hungary, under your guidance, drive the Turks from Europe, unifying the Balkans along the way? Did your Aztecs hold off the Spanish, English, and French and maintain an Empire in Central America? Did your England win the Two Hundred Years War, conquering the French and building the mightiest Empire in Europe? Did your Iroquois launch a reverse colonial war, overwhelming the stunned nations of Europe after centuries of bitter warfare?

If the game ends and you feel satisfaction in a job well done, if you have reached – or even exceeded your goals, then you have won. It is time to set a new goal for yourself and dive right back into the adventure. No game ever plays out the same way, and with so many options to choose from in both time and place, replayability is unlimited.

Your Score[edit]

If you aren’t happy with merely achieving your goals, and would much rather definitive proof that you are the winner, then you may consult your score. Your score grows whenever you are in the top ten in either Administration, Diplomacy or Military. Thus, you may go long stretches where your score does not change at all, followed by times when your score rockets skyward.

As the game ends, in January 1821, a popup will appear which quantifies your country relative to all the other nations in the world. Historical Scores ranks the countries that marched across history, even those whose time is long gone, so you can compare your successes with theirs.

You may also have earned any number of superlatives, such as Largest Army, Largest Navy, Most Provinces, and so on. Add to this the History of your rulers, which lists all their conquests, losses, and greatest achievements, and you have quite a detailed picture of your performance.