Evolve from 2K and Turtle Rock

Evolve is the latest game from developer Turtle Rock Studios, who created the Left 4 Dead series, and publisher 2K Games.

This four-player co-op shooter casts each player as a unique member of a squad of Hunters tracking down a massive creature on an alien planet. The Hunters must work together using their unique skills to trap the beast before it can evolve into a form powerful enough to kill them.


Turtle Rock Studios


2K Games

Release Date[edit]

TBA 2014


Xbox One

PlayStation 4



Up to five player co-op/competitive hybrid online.

Four players control Hunters and one controls the alien.

Development History[edit]

Evolve has been a concept on Turtle Rock's mind since before the first Left 4 Dead game was released, but the timing wasn't right for release until now. Following their work on the Left 4 Dead series, Turtle Rock began developing Evolve under THQ, who had bought publishing rights to the game. However, THQ sold off all of their assets in 2012 after filing for bankruptcy. 2K Games bought the rights to publish Evolve, and have been funding it since.

It was revealed after Game Informer Magazine published a cover story on the game that Evolve was initially intended to be a free-to-play game. THQ had wanted the game to be free for all players, charging either for new characters or for new cosmetic customizations, or possibly both. The game has since been reworked to include all of the content that would have been omitted or locked behind a pay wall, and will be a standard $60 release when it launches.

The game was first revealed on the cover of Game Informer in January 2014.

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