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Linkshells in Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn

The linkshell feature is now available in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn!

Linkshells are chat groups which allow for quick and easy communication between players who are not necessarily in a party or free company.

Linkshells can have up to 128 members, while players may possess as many as eight separate linkshells.


[edit] Creating a Linkshell

If you wish to create a linkshell, you need only speak with a linkshell distributor and register the name you desire.

Should your registration be approved, your linkshell will be created and you will be designated its master.

As linkshell master, you can invite and remove other adventurers from your linkshell at will.

[edit] Inviting

If you are a master or a leader, you can invite other adventurers to join your linkshell at will.

To invite a player to join a linkshell, target him and select the name of that linkshell from the subcommand menu.

If he accepts your invitation, he will immediately become a member of your linkshell!

[edit] Joining a Linkshell

In order to join a linkshell, you must receive an invitation from that linkshell's master or one of its leaders.

If you choose to accept the invitation, you will become a member of the linkshell.

When you receive an invitation to join a linkshell, you will be given the chance to view a list of its members.

However, until you select Accept Linkshell Invite, you will not be able to send or receive messages through that linkshell.

[edit] Communicating

Conversing with others over linkshell is as easy as speaking with them in person.

To send messages to members of a certain linkshell, select the speech bubble icon situated by the chat log, followed by the linkshell to designate it as the default chat mode.

You can also change the default chat mode by selecting Linkshells from the main menu, selecting a linkshell, and choosing Open Communication from the subcommand menu.

[edit] Quitting a Linkshell

If you wish to withdraw from a linkshell, you may do so at anytime.

You can quit a linkshell by selecting Linkshells from the main menu, selecting a linkshell, and choosing Quit Linkshell from the subcommand menu.

Please note, however, that the linkshell master cannot resign without transferring his or her authority to another member.

You can transfer authority by selecting Linkshells from the main menu, selecting a linkshell, selecting a player, and choosing Promote to Linkshell Master from the subcommand menu.

In the event that you are the only member in the linkshell, you must instead disband your linkshell by speaking with a linkshell distributor.

[edit] Disbanding a Linkshell

If you wish to disband a linkshell, you must speak with a linkshell distributor like myself. We will need to notify the other members so as to prevent confusion.

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