An Artillery Piece in Fallout 4.

The Artillery Piece is a piece of Defense in Fallout 4.


From the times before the fall of the Castle. The blueprints are found inside the Armory of the Castle.


Build with:

Material Quantity
Oil 4
Screw 4
Gear 6
Spring 5
Steel 16
Concrete 4
Wood 4




Scrap for:

Material Quantity
Oil 2
Screw 2
Gear 3
Spring 2
Steel 8
Concrete 2
Wood 2


  • Completing the Minutemen quest: Old Guns
  • 1 Settler must man the Artillery Gun.
  • Using an Artillery Smoke Grenade, the Sole Survivor can call in an artillery strike.


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Having artillery pieces in various settlements will let you call in a devastating attack on a large area from a safe distance. Just throw in the grenade and run back.

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