Big Jim in Fallout 4

Big Jim is a Melee weapon in Fallout 4.


An especially heavy pipe wrench. It was made for breaking bones.


20% chance to cripple the target's legs.



Attribute Value
Name Big Jim Pipe Wrench
Damage 14
Speed Medium
Range Melee
Weight 2
Value 150

Current Mods[edit]

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Great for moving in to attack legs and slow down your foes significantly.


Walden Pond
Walden Pond

You can head into Gift shop at the top of the hill at this location. Go to the blue door. If you have Lockpicking at Master level (rank 3+) then you can head directly inside. You can find the Note to Tweez

Big Jim Location

Otherwise, you will want to head down the slope toward the pond.

Big Jim Location

Make your way down to the pond itself. Just head through the back door and follow the slope downwards. You need to head down to the pond itself and enter the one large drain pipe there. This is the easier way inside.

Big Jim Location

Go inside. You need to navigate the sewer pipes to find your way to the Walden Pond Giftshop Basement. In the pipe, Turn to the right and then take the second right as well.

Big Jim Location

Follow this to the large room at the end of it. You will encounter 4 Raiders in this room that you will need to defeat.

In this room, once again, turn to the right.

Big Jim Location

This will lead to the actual basement of the Walden Pond Gift Shop. Deal with the Raiders in this area. Go up the short set of stairs and turn to the right.

Big Jim Location

On this elevated platform, you will find a table about the middle of it. On it is Big Jim.

Big Jim Location


Walden Pond
Walden Pond