Ellie Perkins from Fallout 4

Ellie Perkins is a character in Fallout 4.


Ellie Perkins is the assistant and secretary of Detective Nick Valentine from the Valentine Detective Agency.


Diamond City
Diamond City
Valentine Detective Agency
Valentine Detective Agency

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Player: Something wrong?

Ellie Perkins: Another stray coming in from the rain. 'Fraid you're too late. Office is closed.

Player: I know you must be busy, but I won't take much of your time, miss. It's important.

Ellie Perkins: You're right. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rude, but it's just... the detective. He's gone missing.

Player: Don't worry, I can help. Tell me what happened.

Ellie Perkins: Nick was working on a case. Skinny Malone's gang had kidnapped a youg woman, and he tracked them down to their hideout in Park Street Station. There's an old Vault down there they use as a base. I told Nick he was walking into a trap, but he just smiled and walked out the door like he always does.

Player: Who's this Skinny Malone character?

Ellie Perkins: I don't know much about him, but he's from Goodneighbor, and that means he's in the well-pressed suits and machine guns school of thuggery.

Player: You say Malone's from Goodneighbor?

Ellie Perkins: Yeah, it's a tough neighborhood, northeast aways. People with power there care about two things: style and body count.

Player: I'll find him. You have my word.

Ellie Perkins: Thank you. Nick should be easy to spot. He's always wearing that old hat and trench coat getup. Please, hurry!

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  • "Told you your luck wouldn't last forever."
  • "His ties? sigh oh Nick."


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