Fusion Core

The Fusion Core is an item in Fallout 4.

Fusion Cores are used as a source of energy for Power Armor.

You can increase the duration of the Fusion Cores by 10% by collecting the Repair Bobblehead at the Corvega Assembly Plant.

The Nuclear Physicist Perk (Intelligence 9 on the Perk Chart) also extends the duration of Fusion Cores.

Fusion Core Locations[edit]

  • The basement of the Museum of Freedom in Concord.
  • Starlight Drive In, in a building behind the big screen (Novice lock)
  • College Square, in trash bin behind the building by side some kind of big electric power black box .
  • On main road to the north of Poseidon Reservoir. Check Power Armor at Military Checkpoint.
  • Pump Station East of Finch Farm Across the river. (hint: Password is written on wall, below door.)
  • Reward from Erin Combes for finding Ashes (Here Kitty, Kitty)
  • Arturo Rodriguez (Diamond City) has some in stock
  • Atlantic Offices (Roof)
  • ArcJet Systems, in room where you restore power to the elevators.
  • In the cave near the Red Rocket Truck Stop (Mole Rat Den)
  • Recon Bunker Theta, In quest to recover the Brotherhood holotapes (The Lost Patrol). Up to 5 Fusion Cores can be found here.
  • Cambridge polymer labs in Office (you can finish the laboratories research or pick master lock)
  • NW of Somerville place, inside cage on sentry bot (2x Fusion Cores)
  • In The Castle's armory (Up to 5 Fusion Cores, including from Sarge sentry).
  • Top floor of Greenetech Genetics, (master lock, advanced lock)
  • Wreck of the FMS Northern Star.
  • Under the Slocum Joe's where Railroad's old Headquarters is (hint: Access it from escape tunnel)
  • Four Leaf fishpacking plant, (3x Fusion Cores including one on roof)
  • Proctor Teagan on The Prydwen
  • Elevator on bottom level of Malden center
  • Sold by Cricket (Wandering weapon merchant)
  • in Mass Fusion containment shed behind locked door (terminal) . (warning: Lots of radiation in this area).
  • Railroad's HQ escape tunnel, behind security gate near exit.
  • In waystation while following Dogmeat during "Reunions"
  • In power relay under elevated freeway west of the South Boston military checkpoint.
  • You can steal four fusion cores from ammo box from Elder Maxson's chambers
  • church of the Quincy ruins.
  • Chest near robot in center of Robotics Disposal Ground
  • Hardware Town (4x Fusion Cores)
  • Weston water treatment plant, in Eastern hut.
  • Daisy in Goodneighbor.
  • Boston Police Rationing Site, in ammo box (4x Fusion Cores)
  • Malden Drainage, north of the Taffington boathouse at end of the Canal
  • Parking Garage west of Milton General hospital.
  • Generator behind Roadside Pines motel.
  • Room near basketball court in Boston mayoral shelter (hint: sign says "Restricted Area")
  • Concord Civic Access, in dark corner opposite the small drug cache that the mirelurk guards.
  • Wilson Atomatoys factory, southern side
  • National Guard training yard, in active sentry bot.
  • Gunners plaza, (3x Fusion Core)
  • Diamond City, Kellog's House in secret room (4x Fusion Cores. Also look for two Nuka Cola Quantum bottles here.)
  • Basement of Longneck Lukowski's Cannery. (Hint: Watch out for mines)
  • Atom Cats garage, in generator on north side of main building.
  • Med-Tek Research in generator after you go down elevator.
  • Goodneighbor, on shelf inside the train cart strongroom (The Big Dig)
  • In abandoned town of Forest Grove marsh, on roof of a bombed out building, (4x Fusion Cores)
  • Mystic Pines (NE of Lexington) in room towards the back (Advanced lock)
  • Suits in Prydwen's maintenance bay - sneak behind and you can steal two of them. (Paladin Danse will disapprove)
  • Ammo box in locked trailer at Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates (Up to four fusion Cores. Master Lock)
  • Lake gift shop in suitcase (2x Fusion Cores)