Investigate Julianna in Fallout 4.

Investigate Julianna is a quest objective in the mission Brain Dead in Fallout 4: Far Harbor.


Brain Dead
Brain Dead


Vault 118
Vault 118


With the new evidence in hand about the embezzlement suspicions from the Vault Overseer, you can talk with Julianna Riggs. This will give you the option to talk to her about Ezra Parker and his embezzlement. She will say that she would be surprised at him doing that.

Investigate Julianna - Brain Dead

You can ask her about their argument as well. She will explain that Parker wanted more money for repairs to the hotel. She will admit to not feeling well that day and lashed out at Parker for this. She apologizes for it.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • This objective is presently glitched. If you talk to Julianna Riggs before getting objective, you will not be able to complete it until the quest is completed.
  • This objective seems to be there more to hint at something than to be accomplished.

Brain Dead Quest[edit]

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