Investigate Keith McKinney in Fallout 4.

Investigate Keith McKinney is a quest objective in the mission Brain Dead in Fallout 4: Far Harbor.


Brain Dead
Brain Dead


Vault 118
Vault 118


Time to find Keith McKinney and talk with this Robobrain. Head to the West and through the door there.

Investigate Keith McKinney - Brain Dead

In the Residential Hallway you will find there are a few doors open. Head to the first door on the left, just past the movie poster. Head inside here to find Keith McKinney and Gilda.

Investigate Keith McKinney - Brain Dead

Talk with Keith and ask him about the murder and his thoughts on it. He will explain that he suspects Santiago because he keeps returning to the scene of the crime.

Talking with Gilda, if you flirt (and possibly sleep with her), she will openly share what she knows. Otherwise she will hint to getting to know you better. She will not give any answers until you go on a date with her or ask her about her acting career.

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Brain Dead Quest[edit]

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