Investigate Santiago Avida in Fallout 4.

Investigate Santiago Avida is a quest objective in the mission Brain Dead in Fallout 4: Far Harbor.


Brain Dead
Brain Dead


Vault 118
Vault 118


Head into the Western hallway. Go into the very first door on the Western side. Inside you will see a massive generator and a Robobrain: Santiago Avida.

Investigate Santiago Avida - Brain Dead

Scattered throughout the room are empty wine bottles that can be stolen. Talking with Santiago will give you the chance to walk around his room and look at his painting.

Investigate Santiago Avida - Brain Dead

By following him around and commenting on the art you can learn some about his art. You can talk with him and by passing increasingly difficult you can comment on the art.

Investigate Santiago Avida - Brain Dead

The three choices on the third paint lets you have some fun. You can get him to agree with you too by calling it out as Bullshit, the easiest option of the three offered.

Investigate Santiago Avida - Brain Dead

You can get the grim reason he returns to the scene of the crime: inspiration. He acknowledges that even with their Robot bodies they will die some day. He finds art in this and it gives him a great passion to create more art in the time he has.

He will reveal that Julianna and Ezra had a massive shouting match a few days ago. He blocked it out because he had been painting at the time. He does tell you that Gilda likely heard what they had been talking about.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • By walking around and talking with him about art, you will gain his favor. This makes him more forth coming and he will reveal things.
  • Talking with him about Gilda, and passing a charisma check will reveal that he still has feelings for Gilda.

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