Investigate the Riggs in Fallout 4.

Investigate the Riggs is a quest objective in the mission Brain Dead in Fallout 4: Far Harbor.


Brain Dead
Brain Dead


Vault 118
Vault 118


Head into the Eastern corridor of the residential wing. Just inside this wing, go into the right and through the first door there. Inside this door with the radiation scrubbers, you will find the Riggs. They are talking about Julianna having a cold and Bert refuting that it is impossible. That and confusing her precious cats. Julianna will tell Bert to head to his laboratory and work on his projects.

Investigate the Riggs - Brain Dead

Approach and talk with Julianna. She will explain that she is the heiress to the Riggs fortune. Asking about the case she will explain that she suspects either the Actors or the Painter.

Investigate the Riggs - Brain Dead

Head into the laboratory. You will find Bert Riggs moving around and working on various things in the former school room. Talking to him first will let you ask him about his research by asking Bert to tell you about himself.

Talk with Bert after Santiago or Gilda having asked about the case and knowing about the argument. This will give you the chance to ask him about something different. You will be able to ask directly about Julianna with a medium charisma check. This is followed by the very difficult Charisma check. Passing this one will have Bert reveal that Julianna has been overly nice recently.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • This is one of two objectives involving Julianna in this side quest.

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