Mayor McDonough from Fallout 4

Mayor McDonough is a character in Fallout 4.


Mayor McDonough is the mayor of Diamond City.


Diamond City
Diamond City
Mayor's Office
Mayor's Office

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Jewel of the Commonwealth
Jewel of the Commonwealth


Mayor: Piper! Who let you back inside? I told Sullivan to keep that gate shut! You devious, rabble-rousing slanderer! The... the level of dishonesty in that paper of yours! I'll have that printer scrapped for parts.

Piper: Oooh, that a statement, Mr. McDonough? "Tyrant mayor shuts down the press?" Why don't we ask the newcomer. Do you support the news? Because the mayor is threatening to throw free speech in the dumpster.

Player: What newspaper are you talking about?

Piper: Mine. Publick Occurrences, and we're the hard look at the truth. So are you with us or not?

Player: This really isn't any of my business.

Mayor: Oh, I didn't mean to bring you into this argument, good sir. No no no.... You look like Diamond City material. Welcome to the great green jewel of the Commonwealth. Safe. Happy. A fine place to come, spend your money, settle down. Don't let this muckraker here tell you otherwise, all right?

Player: What are you two arguing about anyway?

Piper: What d'you think? Print lies and everybody's happy, but if you print the truth...

Mayor: ahem, now, was there anything particular you came to our city for?

Player: I'm tying to find someone.

Mayor: Trying to find someone? Who?

Player: My son. Shaun. He's less than a year old.

Piper: Wait... your son's missing? Oh, you hear that, McDonough? What's Diamond City Security going to do to help this man, huh? This isn't the first missing person's report to come through here, and now we've got an infant who's been taken!

Mayor: Don't listen to her. While I am afraid that our security team can't follow every case that comes through, I'm confident you can find help here. Diamond City has every conceivable service known to man. One of our great citizens can surely find the time to help you.

Player: A mayor of a great city must know everyone. Who can help me?

Mayor: I'm sorry I don't have time for any more questions. I'm a busy man. Enjoy your stay in our fair city!

Piper: This is ridiculous! Diamond City Security can't spare one officer to help? I want the truth. What's the real reason Security never investigates missing person cases?

Mayor: I've had enough of this, Piper. From now on, consider you and that little sister of yours on notice.

Piper: Yeah, keep talkin' McDonough. That's all you're good for.

Mayor: Hmph.

Piper: Hmm, a big Diamond City welcome from the mayor. You feel honored yet? Look, I gotta go get settled in, but, um, step by my office later. I have an idea for an article you'd be perfect for.

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  • If you bring Piper into his office, he will yell at her to get out of there.

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