Nick Valentine in Fallout 4.

Nick Valentine is a Synth in Fallout 4.

Once found, they can be recruited to help the Sole Survivor.


Vault 114 - Park Street Station


Nick Valentine is an unusual Synth but a very skilled detective. He has been around for a long time and seems to be something of a between model of Synths. He has no memories of his time in the Institute but possesses the memories of a detective from the Pre-War era. While the hatred of the Institute and their Synths is well known in Diamond City, Valentine has earned their respect.

Nick Valentine started into this line of work after literally stumbling across a Caravan that had kidnapped the Mayor's daughter. Seeing that he was her only hope for escape he convinced the Caravan Leader and his followers that he had a bomb inside him (which he did, he claims, by making a beeping sound with his mouth). When the Mayor's daughter told Nick about what had occurred he took her back to Diamond City. For his help, the Mayor granted Nick a house.

The citizens of Diamond City were initially apprehensive and fearful. Nick put them at ease by being the Handyman about the City. In time, he proved himself reliable. His detective skills were put to use again a while later when he found a missing Wife who had been thought death. Nick found out she had run off with a lover. After that, the fixing request tapered off and people started coming to him for his detective skills.


Complete Getting a Clue

Starting Inventory[edit]


  • Nice and Mean Acts
  • Donate Item
  • Hack Computer
  • Heal Dogmeat


  • Peaceful and Violent Acts
  • Murder Non-Hostile
  • Pick Lock (Owned)
  • Stealing
  • Pickpocketing


Close to Metal - Able to hack terminals one extra time. 50% reduction in lockout duration.

Affinity Quest[edit]

Long Time Coming