Piper from Fallout 4

Piper Wright is a character in Fallout 4.

She is one of the Companions you can choose.


Piper lives in Diamond City.


Piper runs her own newspaper, called "Publick Occurrences."

Piper Wright grew up in a small community on the outskirts of the Commonwealth. She lived there with her sister and her father, who was a member of the local militia. It was a fairly well setup town which only had to worry about the occasional skirmish with the local bandits.

Her father learned about Captain Mayburn, his superior, planning to sell out the town to one of the local bandit clans. He was offered a cut of the loot in exchange for leaving the main gate open on a specific. night. Mr. Wright confronted Mayburn and Mayburn killed him to keep the secret. The young Piper was devastated at the loss of her father but worked to expose Mayburn's plan. She plastered the town with wanted posters of Mayburn, calling him a "Traitor". The settlers caught on and exiled Mayburn for his plan. When the Raiders came, they found only a closed gate and heavily armed settlers aimed at them.

Eventually, Piper and Nat relocated to Diamond City. This is where Piper truly began her career as an investigative journalist. She has uncovered numerous problems in Diamond City. While this did make her popular for a time, she is now more infamous for it than anything. She has had numerous death-threats against her, a near execution at the hands of the Children of Atom and numerous assassination attempts. She finds these situations as a point of pride. She feels that getting into trouble is all part of chasing the truth.

Piper is met just outside Diamond City where she is nearly exiled after writing a scathing article on the Mayor.


Piper has a little sister, Nat.


Complete Jewel of the Commonwealth to get Piper inside Diamond City. Do the quest Story of the Century to gain Piper as a Companion.

Starting Inventory[edit]


  • Picking Locks
  • Hacking Computers
  • Healing Dogmeat
  • Generous Acts
  • Sarcasm


  • Pickpocketing
  • Stealing
  • Murder Non-Hostile

Affinity Perk[edit]

Gift of Gab Increased XP gains for passing Speech Challenges and new locations.


You can build affinity with Piper though simply picking locks. These are found commonly enough throughout the commonwealth. She also likes you helping people. Having her along to do Minutemen quests will work as a great boon for you.

Because of her Gift of Gab perk, it is recommended to get max affinity with Piper early on.