Report to Elder Maxson in Fallout 4.

Report to Elder Maxson is a quest objective in the mission Blind Betrayal in Fallout 4.


Blind Betrayal
Blind Betrayal




Return to the Prydwen and talk with Elder Arthur Maxson on the command deck of the ship. How he responses depends on what you did with Paladin Danse

Report to Elder Maxson - Blind Betrayal

Having killed Paladin Danse, you can give Maxson the Danse's Holotags. He will refuse and give you everything that was Danse's. This includes his set of Power Armor.

Report to Elder Maxson - Blind Betrayal

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

This will get you a set of T-60 Power Armor for your use. It can be found in the lower decks of the airship.

Blind Betrayal Quest[edit]

Spare Danse

Kill Danse

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