Complete the Physical Exam is an objective in Fallout 76 (F76).



  • With the Knowledge exam passed, it is time to head to the next portion of the exam, the physical exam.
  • You need to head North from the Charleston Fire Department to the Charleston Herald.
  • Head North from the Fire Department to find the Herald.
  • Once at the Herald, go to the Northern side of the building go inside the building.
  • Inside there is a ramp attached to some stairs, leading upwards.
  • At the top of it all, go to the right and through the nearby door leading outside.
  • Just outside that door you will find another terminal, the Fire Breather Training System.
  • Look on the left-hand side of the terminal to likely find a Stimpak.
  • Interact with this terminal to have the option to begin the physical exam.
  • This will being the quest, Runner's High.
  • Once the exam is begun, you will have 15 seconds to get to the starting button, after which, you will have 3 minutes to complete the obstacle course.