Earn Promotion Commendations is an objective in Fallout 76 (F76).



  • Now you are registered with the automated Commendation system, allowing you to start earning the commendation points toward your promotion.
  • You will need to earn 10 points by completing the various suggested activities.

Commendation Breakdown[edit]

  • Each of the Commendations are worth a different number of points.
  • Combat Commendation - 1 point per target
    • Soldier has displayed impressive personal combat prowess by eliminating possible threats to the organization. Seek out and eliminate potential threats.
  • High-Risk Combat Commendation - 2 points per target
    • Soldier has displayed exceptional combat prowess by terminating a high-threat target of opportunity. Seek out and exterminate extreme threats (designated by high number of stars).
  • Support Operation - Extermination - 2 points per mission
    • Members must orient a series of lures for us so that we may exterminate a group of troublesome vermin aboveground. Complete an Extermination Operation mission.
  • Support Operation - Patrol - 1 point per mission
    • Members must override a local "Bot-Shop" station and protect the machine we manufacture there from harm during their reprogramming. Complete a Robot Patrol Mission.
  • Support Operation - Resource Drop - 1 point per mission
    • Members should activate the three triangulation dishes at the site we wish to survey. Complete a Resource Drop mission.

Earning Commendations[edit]

  • There will now be Enclave Events on the world map.
  • You want to find and participate in the Enclave Public Events.
  • Depending on the number of events, it will take between 5-10, depending on the events completed.
  • If possible, you can also kill the Legendary Creatures that are around that have at least 1-2 stars.
  • Killing Scorchbeasts will also count for this objective.
  • Bots on Parade,