Fallout 76: Find a password for Brody's terminal - Seeker of Mysteries

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Find a password for Brody's terminal is an objective in Fallout 76 (F76).



  • Inside Brody's room, you will find the computer you are looking for, Brody's Terminal in front of you to the left on the desk.
  • It is locked (lv. 3), so it is not immediately accessible unless you have Master Hacker.
  • Turn around and look toward the bed.
  • To the right of the bed you will see a footlocker.
  • Head over to it to find it is also locked (lv. 0)
  • Pick the lock to find an important memo inside it, Pleasant Valley Intranet Memo.
  • This will direct the Vault Dweller toward the main lodge where they can access the master terminal to reset Brody's password and gain access to the Terminal.
  • Head out of the Inn and head to the South, following along the road and head up to the main resort building.
  • Go through the main entrance, going over to the left and heading up the ramp there to the second floor.
  • Head over to the stairwell that you see ahead of yourself on the left.
  • Take the stairs down one level.
  • Deal with any enemies in this area and head to the North.
  • This will lead you to a door with the "Employees Only."
  • Head into the room, be on guard for an enemy inside (Radroach).
  • Go to the Western end of the room to find the Pleasant Valley Network Administration.
  • Access this terminal and go into [Network Administration], [Reset User Passwords], [Torrance, Brody].
  • This will remove the password on the terminal back in the room.
  • Make your way back to the room where Brody was staying now.