Fallout 76: Load the Master Holotape in Sam's Terminal - Coming to Fruition

From Orcz
Load the Master Holotape in Sam's Terminal is an objective in Fallout 76 (F76).



  • Time to move onto the next part of the mission.
  • Head over to the Charleston Capital Building.
  • There are a number of different entrances to this building, this particular path is coming in through the Eastern portion of the building.
  • Head to the West from the door you went inside.
  • Go around the hole in the floor, and through to the Northern door.
  • In the hallway, head over to the Northwest and through the door there.
  • Head on through the hallway further into the building.
  • Go to the West and through to the next, larger, hallway.
  • This will lead you into a hallway and go into the office of Senator Blackwell.
  • This terminal cannot be accessed right now, so it is time to start getting down into the basement.