Fallout 76: Search for information about the Order of Mysteries - Seeker of Mysteries

From Orcz
Search for information about the Order of Mysteries is an objective in Fallout 76 (F76).



  • Now it is time to start searching the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort.
  • Begin by approach from the Eastern side of the area to make this simple and easy to reach your destination.
  • Approach the burned out building at this edge.
  • Be on guard for numerous Scorched Wanderer in this area.
  • You now need to search and find notes that are in this small area.
  • Make your way into this building, clearing out the Scorched inside.
  • Take the stairs in this upwards onto the second floor.
  • Go forward and through the open doorway in front of you.
  • Look to the right, nearby the mattress on the ground.
  • On the end table with the broken lamp, you will find Tony's Orders.
  • Head to the Northern side of the building and drop over the edge.
  • Find the dumpster and look to the right of it (looking at it facing South) to find a note: Jake's Note.
  • Turn to the South from there.
  • Go to the end of the of the nearby building and head inside the remains of the building where you see the terminal.
  • Just inside the building, turn to the East and approach the Jukebox.
  • Look to the end table between the 2 chairs to the North.
  • You will find the note on the table there: Assassins.
  • Head back out of the building, over to the railing.
  • Go South along the railing to find a table with an umbrella in it and some Boiled Water on it.
  • On this table you will find the fourth, Lewisburg Ambush.
  • Head back into the nearby building to the East.
  • Go on up the slope, past the pool table with the Raider Corpse on it.
  • Look on the dresser just below the lopsided painting.
  • Here you will find the note, Harvery's Deal.