Mission parameters

Dashing Assault is a Trials of the Rakyat side quest in Far Cry 3.


150 points: $250

250 points: 400 XP

350 points: $500


Dashing Assault is actually one of the toughest Trials in the game. It is a manic battle through a logging camp using the STG-90 and frag grenades only.

There are tons of Time Barrels scattered about, so it's best to do a few practice runs and get the locations of all barrels down before giving a serious run a try.

After 90 seconds, heavy gunners will spawn and attack you. They will continue to spawn until the end of the Trial. This is both a detriment and a plus for you; killing these guys will earn you tons of points, but they're super resilient, too. Try taking them down with repeated grenade tosses.

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