Hunting Sharks in Far Cry 3

This page lists strategies that can be used for killing Sharks in Far Cry 3,

NOTE: Guns don't work while you are swimming, so killing a shark can be tricky

Different ways to hunt sharks[edit]

There are many ways to kill a shark. If you know of more ways add it to the list below.

Run Over a shark[edit]

It is easy to just run over the sharks with water scooter, jet ski, or some other aquatic vehicle and then dive to get their skins. After they have been killed.

Shooting a shark from a perch[edit]

Find an area of the water that has a big rock or something else to stand on in the water. Lure the shark toward the rock, climb onto it and shoot the shark from there.

Armed Patrol Boat[edit]

Ride a patrol boat, go to a shark hunting area, wait for the sharks to come then spray them with the boat's turret then dive in to take the skin.

Shallow Coves[edit]

Find a shallow water area where you can stand and where sharks hang out and kill from there

Motor Boat[edit]

Find a Motorboat and leave steering wheel to shoot the sharks with your guns.

You can attract sharks to your boat by finding schools of fish and shooting them. Sharks will appear, attracted to the dead fish.

you can also drive over the sharks in the motor boats son then dive in for the skins.


It's tricky to defeat shark using melee. You have to do a different quick time event each time. wait for the animation which lets you kill the shark with the knife make sure you get behind the shark

Sniping them from the shore[edit]

Find a shoreline in shark infested area and start shooting the sharks from there.

Best place is from a cliff face overlooking the ocean.

However if the shark is not at the surface then the bullet may not hit the shark.

Hunting instinct syringes[edit]

Go to a shore where sharks appear, use the hunting instinct syringes to be able to watch them from a far distance, shoot them, after you kill them swim in a straight line to find them lying on the bottom of the ocean.

Syringes that can help you with shark killing[edit]

The following syrnges can help with shark hunting:

Hunter's Instinct


Deep dive syringe

More tips for killing sharks[edit]

Watch out after you kill the first shark, when you go to retrieve the shark skin other sharks might come. You may also need a Deep Dive Syringe to retrieve the skin after your kill.

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