Repair Tools in Far Cry 3

The Repair Tool is a special weapon in Far Cry 3


In-game Description[edit]

"An oxyacetylene torch that can repair any land or water vehicle."


As its description says, the Repair Tool's primary function is the repair of vehicles, land or sea. However, the Repair Tool can also set flammable objects, and enemies, on fire given a near point blank range and several seconds. In practice the repair tool then becomes a stealthier tool for sabotage compared to the Flare Gun or Flamethrower; both of which produce enough noise to give you away, while the Repair Tool will not.

Where to find far cry 3 repair tool[edit]

In any weapons shop, under "Specials."

It becomes available for free after two (2) Radio Towers are 'unjammed,' including the first one in the 'tutorial' stage.


No Attachments are available for the Repair Tool.


One out of five stars. (1/5)



Accuracy: Extreme

Damage: Poor // Note that igniting an enemy will kill them in seconds, even though the tool itself does no damage.

Range: Extremely poor // More-or-less knife-range.

Fire Rate: Great // Fully automatic, a stream.

Mobility: Very Good