Beginning a Trials of the Rakyat mission

The Trials of the Rakyat is a type of Quest in Far Cry 3.


These missions challenge players to compete against waves of oncoming enemies, only limited by time and the weapons they carry.

Rule Set[edit]

During a Trials of the Rakyat mission, the player must use a predetermined set of weapons to fight off infinite numbers of enemies.

The player's weapons have infinite ammo and only need to be reloaded.

The player also comes equipped with infinite medical syringes, which are used to heal up in a tight spot.

Every enemy during the Trial will be highlighted in blue, indicating that they are targeted by the player for death. You will even be able to see the enemies through cover and solid objects, just as if you had tagged them with your camera.

If you have the Japanese Tanto equipped, it will come with you into the Trial.

A time limit dictates how long you will be engaged in the Trial, and although the timer will begin at a relatively low number, the player can refill it by shooting, knifing or otherwise destroying the blue Time Barrels scattered about the area.

Trials of the Rakyat take place in specified locations marked out on the radar, indicated by a yellow shape covering the mission area. Leaving this area will forfeit the mission.

Skills that you have purchased will persist in a Trial, meaning that the higher your level, the easier it will be to excel in a Trial.

Trial-Specific Goals[edit]

In addition to the aforementioned rules, each Trial will have its own subset of rules. Some require a certain score threshold to pass, while others stack up rewards for combos and other feats of skilled combat.

Enemy Naming Scheme[edit]

The Rakyat's Trials use a slightly different naming system than the main game does. Assaulters and defenders are standard riflemen, berserkers are shotgun chargers, and beheaders are chargers with knives.

Scoring System[edit]

The following scoring system is at play during every Trials of the Rakyat mission:

Assaulter Kill: 5 points

Berserker Kill: 10 points

Defender Kill: 10 points

Beheader Kill: 15 points

Molotov Thrower Kill: 15 points

RPG Shooter Kill: 15 points

Heavy Gunner Kill: 50 points


Headshot: +10 points

Takedown: +15 points

Stealth Kill: +25 points