Baseball Cards in Far Cry 5.

The Baseball Cards are a collectible found in the Whitetail Mountains.

These are needed to complete the Grand Slam side quest, getting $900, 200 Resistance Points, and the Cougar T-Shirt.

Whitetail Mountains[edit]

Starting Grand Slam[edit]

Grand Slam
  • Found in the Oberlin Picnic Area.
  • Go to the Baseball Diamond nearby the flag.
  • At home plate you will find George.
  • He will ask you go and reclaim his complete set of Baseball cards of the Hope County Cougars, the local minor league team.
  • He had a complete set of 9 Cards for the team and would like to find all of them again.

Southwest of the F.A.N.G. Center[edit]

  • Southwest of the F.A.N.G. Center, to the nearby small lake.
  • In front of the lake is a house you want to head into.
  • Inside the living room, look to the Southeastern corner, between 2 portraits on the wall, next to the door.
  • You will see a small shelf with a clock on it.
  • On the right-hand edge of the shelf you can find the Baseball Card.
  • Approach and interact with it to collect the card.

Northwest of Cedar Lake[edit]

  • Along the Northwestern shore of Cedar Lake, you will find a cabin.
  • Go inside the cabin.
  • Along the Southern wall, you will find the Baseball card on the dress next to the bunk beds and the large map.
  • The card sits on top of the dresser in the middle.

West of Cedar Lake[edit]

  • Found in the mountains to the West of Cedar Lake.
  • Go to the marked location where you will find a cabin.
  • Defeat the cultists outside the cabin then go through the Eastern door.
  • Look behind the open door for the desk with the lamp on it.
  • Sitting on the top left-hand corner you will find the Baseball Card.

North of Whitetail Park Visitor Center[edit]

  • To the North of the Visitor Center, you will find a red barn with "Know your purpose" and "Sacrifice" scrawled on it.
  • Go inside the red building.
  • Just inside to the left you will find the baseball card on a shelf.

Southwest of Clagett Boathouse[edit]

  • Southwest of the Clagett Boathouse, you will find a gas station at a fork in the road.
  • Go inside the service store to start your search for the baseball card.
  • Inside the store, look to the East to find the shelf with the Baseball Card on it.
  • Go over to the corner shelf and collect it.

Cooper Cabin[edit]

  • Go to the Cooper Cabin that is found at the marked location.
  • Inside the cabin, head to the North and into the bedroom there, past the Far Cry Arcade poster.
  • In the bed room, between the bunk beds and the mattress against the Eastern Wall is a shelf.
  • On that self is the Baseball card.

F.A.N.G. Center[edit]

  • This baseball card is found inside the F.A.N.G. Center.
  • Approaching the FANG Center from the South, you will find a cabin.
  • Go inside the cabin.
  • There is some shelving in the middle of the room.
  • On the right-hand side of the shelving you will find the Baseball Card.

McNeil Residence[edit]

  • Make your way to the McNeil Residence at the marked location.
  • At the McNeil Residence, travel to the East of the main building.
  • Just past the truck is a small white building.
  • Go inside the door on the Western side of the building.
  • Look to the North after you get through the door.
  • Sitting on a shelf above the dresser is the Baseball Card.

Northeast of Baron Lumber Mill[edit]

  • Travel to the Baron Lumber Mill, going across the hills to the Northeast, at the marked location.
  • You will find a white trailer next to large stacks of lumber.
  • Equip a melee weapon and approach the boarded up doorway.
  • Smash through the boards using your melee attack.
  • Inside the room, in the middle of the Eastern wall, is a shelf surrounded by posters for the Hope County Cougars.
  • Go and collect the baseball card to complete your set.

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