Bears killed behind the orchards is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Bears killed behind the orchards is an objective in the Side Quest, Bear Necessities in Far Cry 5


A small number of bears have been infected with Bliss and have turned utterly savage.


  • There are 3 Black Bears infected by Bliss that you will need to find.
  • Go past the silo and up the slope to the trail just behind the packing facility.
  • Weapons like the Shotgun or LMG are great for quickly defeating bears.
  • One bear will be encountered almost immediately once you are getting on the trail.
  • Immediately attack with your guns, aiming for the head to quickly deal with the bear.
  • After that first bear, follow the trail over to the West.
  • Go to the split in the trail just before the cave and watch the area.
  • You will encounter the second bear in this area.
  • The final bear can be found inside the nearby cave.
  • Be careful going inside the cave since it is full of Bliss and you will quickly find yourself under its influence.
  • Fight and defeat this bear, marking it and pursuing it.
  • When the third bear is defeated, the side quest will be over.


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