Catch Trout is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Catch Trout is an objective in the Side Quest, Tools of the Trade in Far Cry 5


  • The Junior Deputy now needs to catch 3 Trout.
  • Equip the Fishing Rod through the Utility Wheel.
  • From there, use the Rod, and flick it into the middle of the creek.
  • Slowly and methodically reel in the fly to catch the fish.
  • When a fish goes for the hook, hit the appropriate button to hook it.
  • When it comes to reeling in the fish, you will need to reel the line itself.
  • From there, move the rod in opposition to the fish's movement to tire them out and reel them in.
  • Catch all 3 trouts to complete this quest.


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