Climb the silo is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Climb the silo is an objective in the Main Quest, The Quality of Mercy in Far Cry 5


  • With the consoles destroyed, it is time to make your way out of the central section of the bunker once again.
  • Run back into the corridor and fight through the cultists in this area.
  • Make your way to the North and into the central section.
  • Head over to the left and start climbing upwards across the platforms.
  • Getting to the second platform, you will have to wait a moment for the platform to lower.
  • Climb up onto that and over to its edge.
  • You will see another platform that will not lower on its own.
  • At the top of the platform is a yellow clamp you need to shoot.
  • Continue onward, jumping to the next platform above the edge of that one you are on.
  • The next 4 platforms will lower as you get to the edge.
  • Continue along them to its edge.
  • Wait for the next platform to lower and lock into position then jump onto its edge.
  • As you reach the top of this silo section, be wary of 2 Cultists at a doorway opposite you.
  • Take down the cultists.
  • Look to the left and break the clamp on the platform to lower it.
  • Jump over to it and head through the doorway.


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