Climb up the mountain is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Climb up the mountain is an objective in the Side Quest, Nature Provides in Far Cry 5


  • Climb up to the marked grapple point.
  • Turn to the left, moving a bit in that direction, and look up.
  • You will see the next 2 grapple points above you.
  • Throw the hook to the first of this pair above you and climb up to it.
  • Look to the left from this grapple point to get over to the next one, likely dropping a short distance.
  • Climb up to the third grapple point.
  • Turn to the right and go to the bridge post.
  • You need to do a running jump to make it across the gap and over to the opposite ledge.
  • Follow the trail upwards, being wary of the Cougar that is likely on the trail itself.
  • Go around the corner and climb up the 2 rock ledges with rope on them in front of you.
  • This leads to another grapple point, so rappel up to it.
  • Turn to the left and you will see a grapple point where you will need to use the rope to swing across a wide gap.
  • Turn to the left, East, and jump across the gap you find blocking your way.
  • Head up the slope from there.
  • You can possibly encounter a Wolf and a Cougar here as you reach the first turn in the trail.
  • Jump the next 2 gaps to the West to continue on forward.
  • From the second one, turn to the Right and continue up the slope.
  • As you reach the middle of the ascent here, there is a fair chance to encounter a Wolverine so keep on guard.
  • Jump the small gap in the trail and continue to the next turn in front of you.
  • Follow the trail upwards to the next grapple point.
  • Look upwards to find another point to climb up, use your grapple hook to do so.
  • Turn to the East and follow the path to reach the ledge nearby.

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