Collect Alien objects is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Collect Alien objects is an objective in the Side Quest, Close Encounters in Far Cry 5


  • Turn to the Southern portion of the crop circles to begin your search for the 4 alien objects.
  • Make your way to the first large circle.
  • Fight through the Cultists that are in this area.
  • When you have cleared them, look toward the Northern portion of this circle.
  • There is a dead cow and a strange sphere by its utters.
  • Collect the sphere.

  • Make your way to the West, toward the large silo there.
  • Go to the smaller Northern silo to the North.
  • On the Western side of it, you will find a ladder on it.
  • Climb up the ladder and jump across the gap.
  • From there, run and jump onto the platform outside the large silo.
  • Head to the left inside the silo.
  • Climb upward to the floor above.
  • Once there, take the ladder upwards to the roof of the silo.
  • Look for the nest here to find the next alien object.
  • Make your way down either using the floors inside or a Parachute.
  • Make your way to the Northeast from the silo.
  • Get to the top of the crop circle.
  • There you will find a herd of Turkeys.
  • In this circle, guarded by the turkeys, is the next alien object.
  • Continue to the East and over to the last section of the crop circle.
  • You will hear the Alien Object first.
  • Look for the dog that has the Alien Object in its mouth.
  • Follow the dog around the area.
  • It will go in a large circle, coming back to the circle.
  • It will drop the alien artifact that you can then collect.


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