Comic Books found in the Henbane River Region of Far Cry 5.

The comic books found in the Henbane River region.

Peaches Taxidermy - Henbane River[edit]

  • Make your way to Peaches Taxidermy.
  • Instead of going inside the main building, head over to the West.
  • There is a small gray building you can enter.
  • To get in, head through the door.
  • Next to the TV, to the left of it, you will find the Zombie Comic.

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Chan Residence - Henbane River[edit]

  • Found in the Henbane River region, you can find the Chan Residence near Angel's Peak.
  • Once at the Chan Residence, make your way to the Western side.
  • Go through the door there and into the house.
  • Just behind the door is a bed.
  • There you will the Vietnam comic on the bed.

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Vasquez Residence - Henbane River[edit]

  • Found to the South of the Silver River, you will find the Vasquez Residence.
  • Once at the Vasquez Residence, head through the front door.
  • Inside the building, you will see a couch by a small TV.
  • On the far cushion you will find the Vietnam comic.

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O'Hara's Haunted House - Henbane River[edit]

  • Found nearby Dead Man's River, to the Northeast.
  • Make your way to the back side of the building.
  • There, you will find some crates you can climb to reach the second floor.
  • Head over to the left and drop onto the balcony on the side of the building.
  • Turn to the building to find a broken window allowing access into the building.
  • Crouch and head inside to find the mattress with the Zombie comic on it.

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Boshaw Manor - Henbane River[edit]

  • Found to the Northwest of the Hope County Jail.
  • Go toward the house itself and inside.
  • Once in there, go to the left and past the kitchen and bathroom.
  • In the bedroom, you will find a safe and a nightstand next to the bed.
  • By the lamp you will find the next Mars comic.

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Camp Cougars - Henbane River[edit]

  • Found at the base of Raptor Peak in the Hensbane River region.
  • At the marked campsite, head for the illuminated tent.
  • Go forward and to the tent.
  • In front of the tent you will find the Mars Comic.

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