Comic Books found in the Holland Valley Region of Far Cry 5.

The comic books found in the Holland Valley region.

Parker Laboratories - Holland Valley[edit]

  • Found in Fall's End in the Holland Valley.
  • Approach the main building of the Laboratory and go inside.
  • Go through the door and across the building to the desk.
  • Sitting on the desk is the Lost on Mars Comic Book.

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Boyd Residence - Holland Valley[edit]

  • Head to the marked location to find the Boyd Residence.
  • Go inside the building through the front door.
  • Inside the building, go to the left and into the front bedroom.
  • Sitting on the bed, by a Bow, you will find a Vietnam Comic Book.

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Bradbury Farm - Holland Valley[edit]

  • Make your way to the large barn of Bradbury Farm.
  • Inside the barn, go to the East, across the barn.
  • Turn to the South and climb up to the second level using the crates and bales of hay.
  • Head East and over to the mattress on the ground.
  • Sitting nearby the large radio, on the mattress you will find the next comic book.

Video Walkthrough

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