Comic Books found in the Henbane River Region of Far Cry 5.

The comic books found in the Henbane River region.

Jefferson Lookout Tower - Whitetail Mountains[edit]

  • Go up the hill to the Jefferson Lookout Tower.
  • Once at the Lookout Tower, go up the stairs to the lookout itself.
  • Head into the office itself.
  • Inside there, look on the table past the desk in the middle.
  • On this table, you will find the a Zombie comic sitting there.

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McNeill Residence - Whitetail Mountains[edit]

  • The McNeill Residence is found in the Whitetail mountains between the FANG Center, and Fort Drubman.
  • Once there, you need to get inside the main building.
  • Go around to the back, heading South.
  • Jump onto the back porch and break through the boards over the first window.
  • Jump through the now-open window, going past the crates and through the door on the right.
  • Head around the wall and into the bathroom.
  • Look at the counter of the sink to find the next Vietnam comic book.

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Elliot Residence - Whitetail Mountains[edit]

  • The Elliot Residence is found to the South of the FANG Center.
  • Approach to the Northern face of the building.
  • Jump and climb up onto the broken balcony above the porch here.
  • Go through the window in front of you and into the first room.
  • There, you will find some crates just to the left inside.
  • Just next to lamp on the crates you will find the Zombie Comic.

Video Walkthrough

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