Complete the course using the Fast homeopathic is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Complete the course using the Fast homeopathic is an objective in the Side Quest, Fast in Far Cry 5


  • It is time to complete the obstacle course once again, this time after having taken Fast.
  • You will have 4 minutes to complete this course.
  • If you fail to equip the proper weapon or run out of Fast, the mission will fail and restart at the start of this section.

Destroy the targets - Shotgun[edit]

  • Turn to the East and head over to the lit-up neon doorway.
  • Once again, jump onto the ramp and run up it.
  • Turn to the right and head up the ramp to the first manikin target to blast them once again.
  • Continue over the rooftop to the South and jump to the next rooftop.
  • Go to the top of this roof, turn to the East and shoot the second manikin.
  • Head South off the rooftop and to the next ramp there.
  • Jump onto the ramp and up it onto the rooftop.
  • Shoot the third manikin in front of you.
  • Face to the West and run over into the Bank again.
  • Just in front of you is the next target.
  • Shoot them and then continue to the West, out the back of the bank.
  • Turn to the right outside the doorway to see the final manikin target for the shotgun.
  • Shoot it to complete this portion.

Destroy the targets - AR-C[edit]

  • It is time to equip the AR-C now.
  • Turn around and go over to the crate behind you where you will find the assault rifle.
  • With the assault rifle equipped, turn to the North and run past the burned out building over to the building next to the water tower.
  • Just to the right of the water tower is the window with the first manikin target.
  • Shoot the manikin to destroy it.
  • Face to the East and head over to the General Store.
  • Turn to the South and run past this burned down building on the left.
  • Go over to the window and look inside the building again.
  • You will see a pair of manikins that you will need to destroy here.

Kill the pigs - Bat[edit]

  • Turn to the West and run over to the Cemetery.
  • Equip the bat as your melee weapon and run inside there to start hunting the pigs.
  • Run after the pigs and hit them a number of times with the bat to kill them.


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