Copper Head Rail Co in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Copper Head Rail Co is a Location in Far Cry 5.


"Eden's Gate is stripping the metal off old trains to fortify their bunkers."

Enemy Types[edit]


  • Take some time to go around the whole of the Rail Yard, using the water tower and hills to find and mark the majority of the Cultists found here.
  • There are 2 Alarms at this Outpost, with about 8 enemies scattered around, plus 1 animal in a crate.

  • Approach the area from the Northern side, approaching the ruined warehouse with the Sniper on top of it.
  • Climb up the ladder you see on the outside and of the fence to reach the rooftop of the warehouse.
  • Once there, sneak up on the Sniper (who has an RPG) and perform a takedown.
  • Move the body over to the ladder just to be safe.
  • Now, turn to the West on the Northern side of the roof.
  • Go into the opening in the rooftop and take the sloped portion of the rooftop down to the ground.
  • Inside the warehouse, go to the Southern raised platform where you can see the Cultist patrolling.
  • Hide behind the first stack of bricks and wait for the cultist to come to you.
  • Get them with a takedown and leave the body where it is.
  • Face to the East and head over to the Northeastern corner of the warehouse.
  • In the doorway can be a Cultist (wait for them if needed).
  • Go to the South inside the warehouse and over to the scaffold platform with a Cultist on it.
  • Hide the body in one of the tunnels under the floor of the warehouse.
  • Go back the Northeastern corner of the warehouse.
  • Get over to the nearby alarm and disable it.
  • Now head to the South, and over to the raised area with the Cultist patrolling it.
  • Go to the Western end and climb up the scaffolding to close to the top.
  • Wait for the Cultist to be looking Southward over the hills to approach and take them down.
  • Grab the body, drop off the train and hide it in the grass outside the Outpost.
    • If the body is left there, it can lure the Cultist who is welding on the other side of the Outpost over.
  • Look to the North from here to see the Cultist welding.
  • Drop to the ground and make your way North, hiding underneath the scaffold platform just past the middle rails.
  • Wait for them to be involved with welding and then take them down.
  • After that, hide the body to the North outside the compound.
  • Go back into the compound and return to where that Cultist was.
  • Head over to the alarm to the East and disable it.
  • There are now 2 Cultists left in the Outpost for you to deal with.
  • Head to the South, past the lumber, stopping between the lumber and the train car.
  • Go over to the East, circle around wide to get behind the Cultist.
  • Take out the Cultist who has the staff.
  • Now, just move up behind the last Cultist and take them out to complete the Outpost.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Copper Head Rail Co Video Walkthrough

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